Fall Crias Are a-Comin!!!

The Fall crias started in October, with Cassie being born to Emily, then we had a month long pause while all the girls decided to clam up and keep their babies to themselves. Cassie is doing great and putting on tons of weight and is a bundle of energy (with some amazing crimpy fiber). Updates on the rest of the crias we have coming this Fall are below.

And today, we got prize number two! Another beautiful little grey girl, this one is rose grey out of Tarah. Epic Alpacas Tempest was born at just under 14 lbs, but she’s strong and nursing well! Both her and mom are doing great. Just 3 more to go!

And today, we finally got the prize – a beautiful little silver grey girl out of Periwinkle. Epic Alpacas Athena was an enormous 24.25 lbs – she came out weighing more than every other cria, even our two week old! She’d doing great, as is mom. Just 4 more to go!

This was Bahia’s day, and unlike all our other girls, she decided to have her baby in the early afternoon. He’s a true black boy out of his bay black mom and a great true black sire, GB Judgement. He was a little wobbly through his first day, but like a champ, he’s coming on strong. We will call him Balboa. Just 5 more to go!

Today our beautiful white girl, Penelope, gave us a sweet little white boy with some super shiny fleece and great crimp. Little Epic Alpacas Puck is doing great so far. Just 6 more to go!

This morning we came out to find Brandy wandering around, ready to go into labor. After a bit of waiting, we got another little black boy, Epic Alpacas Wicked Tinker, beautiful as can be. Just 7 more to go!

This morning around 7:30, the lovely Coral Cee gave birth to her sweet little boy, Epic Dark Knight. The birth was unassisted and he looks to be a deep rich bay black, though that could change in the coming days. Just 8 more to go!

Today we were gifted another little cria, this one out of Olivia from Color Champion Pegasus. He’s a rich, beautiful fawn color and has ridiculous crimp and bundling. We’ve named him Epic Alpacas Olympus, and we expect wonderful things from him!  Just 9 more to go!

After our exhausting day of dystocia birth yesterday, we were lucky enough today to find Gazette had given birth to a healthy boy by 8:30 in the morning. He’s a cute little thing, light fawn with lots of bundling and softness. We’ll name him Epic Alpacas Sir Galahad. And we will take him home. And we will hug him. And we will love him.

Just 10 more babies to go!

Today, while going through a couple breedings to our new grey herdsire, Cinco, we noticed our guard llama, Tina, was in some distress. We checked her out to find that she was in labor and the little cria’s head was out, but no feet! That’s not good – we went into frantic mode – grabbed the cria kit and got Tina haltered and tied up to a tree (she’s a 300+ llama that doesn’t much like to be told what to do). After an hour and 15 minutes, we finally were able to get the crias knees up enough to be able to pass through the birth canal and out came the little girl. That makes it all sound pretty simple, but that 75 minutes was filled with Steve and Casey taking turns working with their arms inside the mama up to their elbows, rearranging limbs and pulling to get the baby out. We’re exhausted, mom is exhausted, and baby is doing well. She’s up and walking within about 30 minutes and is now buzzing about looking for some milk from mama. We’re thrilled that what could have been a disaster for both baby and mom turned out to be okay. Our first major dystocia has been worked through successfully – we are very proud “parents” of this new little girl.

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